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All of our horses have a unique story. As we hand-raise foals and care for their mammas, we foster each horse's individual personality and discover their personalized needs. Read on to discover some of the members of our amazing herd!


Phin has some special needs due to severe illness as a weanling. He is gentle, sweet, and a great representative of our rescue's work - we never back down from a tough case. Phin was very ill the first year we had him as one of the Fab Five in the fall of 2017. He may only ever be a companion and loving pet, but he is worth every bit and more of the blood, sweat, and many many tears we have spent on him!


Phantom was our first rescue, whom we saved along with her yearling and newborn foal from a feedlot. She has been with us for six years, the longest of all our horses, and was very untrusting at first. With attention and care, she has blossomed into a solid trail horse, and is now loving, trusting, and confident. Her foal, Dove, sadly passed away shortly after being rescued. Her yearling, Ashanti, has grown into a talented jumper.


Previously Little J, this little boy has grown tremendously since we saved him as a wild orphan colt in 2018. When he came to us, he was small, malnourished, and wild. Today he is round and happy, loves attention, and is turning into a beautiful grey boy! He is very smart, talented, and quirky. He also loves to jump, and is showing great potential for the future!  

Reddington (Red)

Red was born 4 yeas ago in California. His mama, Farrah, was hiding him in her belly when we rescued her and Red's sister Buffy the year before! Red is what we affectionately call "the rescue's son," as he was born into the world fearlessly with no danger or sickness, and has only known love and safety -- just as all horses should. Sometimes, you can hear him grunting contentedly as he enjoys the California Sun

Primrose (Prim)

Prim was rescued as an orphan off BLM land at about 3 months old in 2017. When we rescued her, she had a large umbilical hernia that required surgical repairment. She is beautiful, with delicate features and adorable pointed ears. Prim is currently a work in progress, as she is very expressive and sensitive. She enjoys living with in California with her best friend Wisteria (Wisty).


Buffy and her mom Farrah (with Red in her belly, unbeknownst to us), were first horses we ever saved. She was one month old when we rescued her, and now lives in California next door to her longtime friend Sakari. She loves attention, and loves being fussed over with brushes and pets. We love our cuddle bug!


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Wisteria (Wisty)

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When we first saw Donnie on the feedlot, he was young, shivering, and freezing cold. We rescued him and his mother Marie, when he was a couple months old. Shortly after, he had a melting corneal ulcer and was rushed to the CSU veterinarians, where they were thankfully able to save his eye. He is now 6 years old, living happily in pasture with his girlfriend Poppy.

Mama Rose

Previously Mercy


Coming Soon!


When we saw Melosa for the first time, she was hunkering down on the feedlot with her foal, cold and shivering. She had a catastrophic injury to her left hind leg that severed all of her tendons, but she has fully recovered and is able to walk. It took her awhile to trust us, but she has come around and now lives in our Colorado sanctuary.


Ashanti is our rescue's greatest success story! When we rescued her as a yearling with her mom and baby sister, she was sick with pneumonia. Today, six years later, she is in training with an event trainer and has great jumping talent (she recently jumped 4 feet!) She is proving every day that natural talent and a nurturing hand can give a fancy pedigree a run for its money! We are beyond proud of her and her continued accomplishments.  


Cali is one of our sanctuary mares, and mama to Poppy. We rescued them off the lot when a kill buyer had separated them in different pens, Poppy at just one month old. We promptly took them both in, and sent them to California where Cali could raise her foal. Poppy is now grown, and Cali lives in Colorado.

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