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A message from Reneit, our founder, about adoption

First and foremost, adoption isn't always easy - we take this as if we are letting one of our precious children go on to a forever home. We spend years with most of our rescues to make sure they have a strong foundation, confidence, and emotional nurturing to know they are loved and will never know the dangers of neglect, abuse, auctions, or the slaughter pipeline again.

We like to match our horses to the perfect owner. It is more than just the fancy barn or green pasture that can be offered, it is about love, connection, partnership and a complete understanding of each horse's story.

We will never adopt a horse sight unseen. All adopters need to meet the horses at our location in person and we encourage multiple visits before a final decision is made.

We will always require an adoption fee, this is non-negotiable. The fee is based on the horse's abilities, personality, age, level of training and potential. Adoption fees are what pay for us to send our horses to professional trainers, as well as other rescue operating costs. Overhead is high, as we never skimp on the utmost of care of these horses.

We require a home check of where the horse will live, and vet + training references to be sure they will continue the high standard of care that we have provided them. We want to be sure they are safe and sheltered from the elements, as well as have other horses to live with. We do not adopt out horses to be a single horse in a private home, as we believe horses need to have socialization with others. However, boarding facilities are fine for single horse adopters.

If approved, an adoption contract is required to protect the horse for their lifetime. This is to make sure we follow the horse for their lifetime, and requires that we get first right of refusal if the horse has to be re-homed. If re-homed other than to our rescue, the new home must be approved by us and a new contract completed.

To inquire about horses currently available for adoption in California or Colorado, please check our Facebook page or reach out to us at!

Forever Homes: Found


Reeses who was one of the dozen plus orphans we saved back in 2016. He has found his own little girl, Mary, a darling flaxen spitfire just like himself! It was love at first sight and they spent the entire Christmas day together riding around with the family. A horse and his very own girl… No happier ending than that!


Peanut was one of the 18 orphans foals we saved in 2016. She is the sweetest little darling and has found her new family!


Rocco was saved as a 6 week old orphan in 2016 and has been a very loved and nurtured boy ever since. Our handsome roan boy has found himself in the loving arms of his new human!

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